AIC is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and has over 60 financial professionals, located primarily in northern California. Additionally, AIC has been a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) since 1994.

AIC is subject to regulation by FINRA, the California Department of Business Oversight and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Inquiries regarding AIC’s regulatory status can easily be directed to any of its three regulatory bodies through their respective websites.

AIC has an experienced home office staff with collective expertise in operations, administration, compliance, due diligence, product knowledge and securities trading.

Key Background Data

  • In business for over 50 years
  • Annual client investment contributions exceed $100 million
  • Aggregate client investment capital with AIC is over $2 billion
  • We take great pride in offering no proprietary products

Products and Services

AIC has one of the most extensive product portfolios available, consisting of:

  • Several thousand mutual funds
  • Agreements with over forty variable life, variable annuity and index annuity product providers
  • Active relationships with over 15 third-party money managers (and access to many more) specializing in both mutual fund asset allocation programs and individually managed stock accounts
  • 529 plans for tax-advantaged educational funding
  • Direct participation programs and private placements – REITs, BDCs, LLCs, LPs, private equity, opportunity zone funds, oil & gas programs and commodity funds
  • DST real estate programs designed to facilitate both direct real estate investments and 1031 exchanges
  • A trading desk staffed to handle stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, municipal and government securities transactions
  • Fee-based advisory accounts
  • Financial planning specialists

Research and Due Diligence

AIC utilizes a very deliberate and exacting approach to conducting research and due diligence on direct participation programs and third-party money managers.

AIC was a founding member of the Alliance of Independent Broker-Dealers (AIBD), a well-known and highly-respected, non-profit due diligence and research association formed in 1980 and ultimately disbanded in 2012. Since then, AIC has continued to adhere to the detailed process and methodology pioneered by the AIBD in conducting its own internal due diligence and research.

Professional Education

AIC puts special emphasis on continuing education for its financial professionals.

AIC’s annual sales and compliance conference, in addition to showcasing investment product vendors, typically features nationally prominent money managers, economists, financial planning specialists and other notable guest speakers addressing a wide variety of financially related subjects. Additionally, attendees at this annual meeting can satisfy their FINRA annual compliance and firm element continuing education requirements.