Account Information & Order Instructions
Account Information - Revised 11/2021
Client Information Sharing Form - Optional Form
Legal Entity Customer Due Diligence Certification Form - Required for legal entity customers
Order Instructions - Revised 05/2016
Investment Net Worth Calculation Worksheet - Required for DPP purchases
Order Instructions & Explanation of Investment-VA Initial Purchase - Required for initial VA purchases only--integrates Order Instructions, Explanation of Your Investment, and Letter of Acknowledgement forms into one omnibus form
Alternative Investment Transaction Checklist
Alternative Investment Transaction Request
Alternative Investments Addendum & Custody Agreement
Brokerage Account Application
Cash Management Premier Access - Use this form to add or remove ACH, checkwriting, and/or debit card features within your existing Brokerage account or upgrade an existing Select Access account to a Premier Access Cash Management account
Cash Management Select Access - Use this form to add or remove ACH, checkwriting, and/or debit card features within your existing Brokerage account or downgrade an existing Cash Management Premier Access Features account to individual cash management features
Cashiering Request Non-Retirement - Use this form to request a one-time transaction via Check Disbursement, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Bank Wire. Account owner signature is required for 3rd party transactions not using existing standing instructions.
Corporate and Unincorporated Organization Resolution
Financial Advisory Services Fee Request Form
Household Relationship Form - Required for Online & Statement Household Requests
Individual 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee Payment Instructions
IRA Asset Movement Authorization
IRA Beneficiary Designation Form
IRA Checkwriting Application
IRA Contributions (or PIPs) by EFT - Enables client to make current year IRA contributions electronically to the core money market fund and also move core money to existing mutual fund positions
IRA Earnings Distribution Request Form - Used to request distributions of dividends, interest and/or capital gains from IRA accounts or to change an existing earnings distribution plan
IRA Kit - Contains forms needed to establish Traditional, Rollover, Roth & SEP IRAs and IRA-BDAs
IRA One-Time Distribution Request Form
IRA Periodic Distribution Request Form
IRA Recharacterization Request
IRA Standing Payment Instructions
IRA Trading and Money Movement Authorization
IRA Transfer Request Form for Spouse Beneficiary
Keogh Account Application - Used to establish accounts for?plan participants
Keogh Beneficiary Designation Change
Keogh Kit - Used to establish Money Purchase & Profit Sharing Plans
Keogh One-Time Distribution Request Form
Keogh Periodic Distribution Form
Margin Account Supplemental Application
NFS Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power
NFS Letter of Intent - Used for breakpoint pricing
NFS Limited Liability Company Agreement
Periodic Earnings Withdrawal Request (Non-Retirement)- Used to request distribution of dividends, interest and/or capital gains from a non-retirement account or to change an existing earnings distribution plan
Periodic Investment Form (Non-Retirement and Retirement)
Periodic Withdrawal Request (Non-Retirement)
Power of Attorney
Roth IRA Conversion Form
SEP-IRA Kit - Includes Form 5305-SEP
Signature Update Request Form
SIMPLE IRA Employee Kit
SIMPLE IRA Employer Kit
Standing Payment Instructions Form (Non-Retirement)
Trading and Money Movement Authorization (Non-Retirement)
Transfer of Assets Form
Transfer on Death Registration and Beneficiary Designation Form
Trusted Contact Authorization
Trustee Certification of Investment Powers (TCIP)
A Guide to Your Brokerage Account Brochure - Describes how clients’ assets are protected
NFS Fee Schedule- Ticket Charges & Other Fees Associated with NFS Accounts
NFS Stock Certificate Procedures
Prospectus – Fidelity Capital Reserves - For Retirement Accounts
Prospectus – Fidelity Daily Money - For Non-Retirement Accounts
NFS Forms